While U11+ was the star of today’s HTC event, the company also launched U11 Life in two variants: Android One and Sense UI. The Sense variant comes with HTC’s custom UI based on Android 7.1, limited to North America, whereas the Android One variant which comes with stock Android Oreo will be available across rest of the world.

The U11 Life comes with a “liquid surface” design and is made from highly durable acrylic glass. It lacks a headphone jack but features Bluetooth 5.0 and HTC’s USonic earbuds are included in the box. It also features programmable Edge Sense technology for triggering various actions through mild and strong squeezes.

While The Sense UI version is priced at $349, the price of the Android One is yet to be announced.

The specifications of the U11 Life (Android One) are:

The Sense UI version comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.