GST has just gone live in India, and its effects are apparently good. Apple has announced reductions in price for almost every product it sells in the country (except for Mac Mini).

Price Cuts Announced by Apple:

  • iPhone 7 now starts at ₹56,200. A ₹3,800 price reduction.
  • iPhone 7 Plus’ price has also been reduced by ₹4,700, and now retails at ₹67,300.
  • The 10.5-inch iPad Pro starts at ₹50,800 as compared to ₹52,900 earlier.
  • The 12-inch MacBook now starts at ₹1,04,800 as compared to ₹1,09,900 earlier.
  • The base MacBook Pro model starts at ₹1,04,900. A ₹5000 reduction in price.

The Cupertino giant has announced price cuts on almost every single product it sells. Some of which haven’t even started selling in the country yet. It’s good to see prices coming down thanks to GST. Hopefully, other companies will follow suit.

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