The Play Store has some incredibly useful apps, it has some incredibly useless apps, and then, it has some incredibly expensive yet completely useless apps.

“I Am Not Rich” is an Android app, which seems to exist for the sole purpose of making people “not rich”. Hell, it even says “I Am Not Rich; I am poor…” on the app icon itself.

The app has a very apt, to the point description, that reads “I am NOT rich! I am poor!”, and yet, somehow, there are at least 5,000 people who have purchased it. Yup, an app that does absolutely nothing, and charges you Rs 26,000 for it has been purchased a minimum of 5000 times. Even if you are rich, this stat will make you feel poor. We’re completely, and hopelessly trapped.

Check out I Am Not Rich on the Play Store (and buy it if you are just that crazy to spend your money)

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