Google Opinion Rewards app, which lets users get credit on Google Play Store by answering some surveys is now available in India. Google had extended the app’s availability to India, Singapore, and Turkey, according to the description on the Play Store for the app.

So how does Google Opinion Rewards app work? The idea is simple, just answer surveys from Google and you’ll get credit for the Play Store. For users, they just have to download the app, and answer some basic questions. After that Google will send surveys once every week. But Google says the number of times, the surveys are sent could be more or less frequent.

Users will get a notification when a new survey turns up on their phone. Do note each of these surveys come with a 24 hour deadline, and once the survey expires you can’t answer it. Google says all the data collected from surveys is anonymous.

At the time of signing up, Google will ask you for your first name, last name and your Pin code. You’ll have to choose India as the country. It will also ask for some basic questions like your age, gender, income group (you can choose not to share this),  along with your preferred language for answering the surveys.

Google says all of these surveys will be kept anonymous, and it can’t be linked to an account or to an individual user. However, signing up for the app itself doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get surveys and start earning credit.  Google says it will send a user notification once they are approved to answer surveys.

A user gets Rs 10 credit per survey answered. After you are approved to answer surveys, you can go about doing this, and earn some extra credit for the Google Play Store.

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