Technical Guruji” is a Tech Channel on Youtube run by Gaurav Chaudhary.

Technical Guruji” has garnered over 1 Million subscribers, with more than 80 Million video views on the channel, all this, just in a span of 16 months. “If you go viral, you are here to stay,” says YouTube, and today “Technical Guruji” is India’s Largest Tech Channel on YouTube.

Yesterday, Technical Guruji Launched their Website and Android App where you can be notified with Guruji’s latest Videos and you can also buy the Merchandise of “Technical Guruji” online through their website.

Android App main feature i.e Talk with Gaurav aka Guruji live without any ISD charges. This Feature will be added in App’s next Update.

The user interface of Technical Guruji’s App and Website is Clean and Lag free and both of them is without Advertisements.


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