So, In this Article I will be telling you about How to edit the webpage in android.

So, Lets get started. 

  • Open PlayStore and Download Edit Webpage app.(Download link will be provided at last)

  • Once the app is installed, Open the app and the interface of the app will be like a Browser and Google search will be opened by default.
  • Go to the site or webpage in which you want to make changes.
  • Once the webpage is opended, Just click on the Pencil button at Right corner of the page and then tap on the text you have to edit. 
  • Now just Click on the text that you want to edit and Keyboard will appear, Just make the changes and fool your friends.
  • ENJOY!! 
  • ⬆ Its not true that Iphone 5S is for Rs.7000, i have edited it using this app.


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